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I do think, however, that liberals tend to promote cooperation while conservatives promote competition.Conservatives don't think it is wise to look beyond the natural order of eat or be eaten while liberals think we can rise above all that and find a better humanity.The teacher who gets an inner city kid interested in engineering prevents a villian, but such stories are difficult to tell in comics and not superhero stuff.Talk is the stuff of liberal politics, or as Winston Churchill once put it, "Jaw, jaw is better than war, war"."'Liberal' comics, such as the old Green Lantern/Green Arrow really focus on issues and social relevance, but in the end the heroes make the difference uplifting the opposite paradigm.One person sets things right, usually with violence.This fits right into the extreme individualist models so common in modern American conservatism or libertarian thought."Much liberal politics is really based upon working with patience and understanding to 'dissolve' problems, or to attack them at their roots, long before they exist.

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Stacey told the cameras: 'A, I know that’s a complete lie and B, to have that mentality when you’re supposed to be the person that protects them is just so depressing.'It’s such a disappointment and they just confirm that it was right to take those kids away from them two.' After their mothers' arrests the children of the two women are rehomed in the Filipino care system.

An analysis about online dating published in the journal Evidence Based Medicine suggests that men are drawn to online profiles in which a user name signifies physical fitness, while women prefer user names indicating risk-taking.

The joint data analysis, by researchers with Queen Mary University of London and the University of Texas, found that choosing internet dating handles that begin with a letter in the first half of the alphabet is as important as uploading a flattering profile pic or crafting the perfect introductory headline."Initial interest was best captured through: a desirable screen name starting with a letter in the top half of the alphabet; an attractive still picture; and a fluent headline message," the paper says.

What makes Superman different from the other super-beings is not just his "moral sense" - even the nasties in the Gulag protest that they are the good guys - but rather his commitment to defending a conception of the public good which would have no real place in more extreme variants of libertarian or conservative thought.

Using power to help others, to protect the weak and the suffering, is what makes a superhero - which seems more a liberal than a conservative message. I've read that book - which I love, at least through the end of the third trade (which is as far as I've gotten) - more as mysticism than as political critique. UPDATE: Mark at TML has this to say in response to Transitional Man (not "Dave In Transition" - sorry about that) via Trackback (Mark, leave a comment!!!

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